If you want a learning management system, or tools to enrich your pedagogic methods – we can help.

In the digital age, opportunities to learn and develop skills are limitless. Internet offers us opportunities to learn anywhere, anytime. To assist you in your quest to improve your services, our team has all the necessary skills. From the implementation of your learning environment or your ePortfolio manager, to their maintenance to ensure their sustainability, we offer a range of services.


your LMS, flexibility,

Security, and accessibility.

We are a creative team, eager to play our full role in improving educational methods. We are proud to be in your journey towards the highest level of performance.

We provide you

Optimal management of your pedagogical resources  | continuous and powerful techno-pedagogical resources   | Learn and benefit from each other’s experiences | Become  the most valuable institution

Target audiences
  • Universities
  • Professional education
  • K-12
  • Consultants / Trainers
  • Companies


  • Implementation of your LMS (Moodle, Mahara etc.)
  • Customization of your LMS
  • Linux, Apache2, MySQL, PHP
  • Trainings
  • Learning data analysis
Our team
  • Customer service available all times
  • Dynamic team
  • Innovation et efficiency
  • Best innovative plateforms
  • Strengthening learning methods
  • Time saving
  • Easily interact with your learners
  • Get your learning materials online or offline

All our solutions are based on open source softwares.

LMSBOARD contributes to

  • Bring today’s learners to participate in building the future


  • Increase participatory learning and foster innovative teaching practices


We are always looking the most innovative learning tools to make them available to our clients.


Education quality is priceless, that is why LMS Board is always committed to providing quality services to its customers and partners.


Respect is our credo. We consider each new experience as an opportunity to grow and a cultural enrichment.


The interaction with our clients around the world, allows more creativity and innovation, while making us more responsible for our actions and decisions.