The digital era and innovation in education

Choosing the right Learning Management System for the deployment of your eLearning courses might seem like a daunting task. Care to find out about the best Learning Management Systems the eLearning industry has to offer?  If you want to take advantages of open source softwares, Moodle is widely known among open-source LMS solutions. LMSboard can implement, manage your Moodle LMS. 

Moodle allows to the stakeholders – students – teachers – administrative staff, to expand their interactions beyond the walls of the institution. Indeed, the platform serves as an extension of the activities carried out in the classrooms while facilitating their smooth running.

What are the advantages that can be gained from an LMS?
• Make courses and other learning materials accessible at all times and in all places.
Create a space for interaction and exchange between teachers and students outside
classroom. Have a variety of communication tools, evaluation collaboration and skills management.

• Have an overview of educational statistical data.
• Interact with students in real time to report any unplanned changes to the academic calendar.
Constantly benefit from the latest technologies and learning tools. The platform is constantly evolving.
• To enrich oneself and to benefit from the experiences of the other establishments around the world.
• etc.
How it works in practice?
Student registrations are automated and updated in real time. Access is
unique and personalized.

• Students are only associated with the courses they are enrolled in.
• Teachers are associated only with the courses they teach.
• The administrative staff has an overview of all educational activities.
The sustainability of your LMS?
• The platform we propose are based on Moodle, Mahara which are under free license GPL(GNU Public Licence).
The data are stored securely. The hosting of your LMS can be done locally or in the “Cloud”. Access to the LMS  is guaranteed at all times and in all locations, however, if updates or maintenance are required, users will be informed at least 48 hours in advance.


Moodle is a learning platform designed to provide educators, administrators and learners with a single robust, secure and integrated system to create personalised learning environments.


Mahara ePortfolio is an online tool to document your work both in progress and finished, as well as collaborate with others on pages using groups, and allows for submission of pages as assessment items to Moodle. You can also use it to create custom web pages, and control how you share those pages with friends, tutors, potential employers or other members of the public.


  • Installation and configuration of your cloud or local Linux server
  • MySQL – MariaDB
  • Apache2
  • PhP