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Are you looking for an Open Source Technology Specialist?

Technextone  is a global team of skilled open source technologists. Our team is composed of software developers and IT specialists. We specialise in developing, designing and supporting enterprise grade systems using open source technologies.


  • Learning Management System
  • ePortofolio
  • Single Sign On (SSO) solutions
  • Visio conferencing
  • Project management system
  • Visio conferencing
  • Project management system
  • Website CMS

LMSboard uses free software technology, with access to source code, which guarantees more possibilities for customization and freedom of development.

Unlimited pluginss

You have the choice over a wide range of plugins and features, depending on your needs. We provide assistance and advise on the choices.

Cloud hosting

Put the focus on managing your institution, while the Cloud takes care of your hosting needs. The cloud ensures availability of your content anytime and anywhere. The security of your data is at the heart of our actions. We can also work with you in your own local server or private cloud.

Customer services 7j/7 24/24

Our team will work for you. Assistance and support services are available at all times, synchronously and asynchronously.